Printing Instructions

Printing your own prayer cards & bookmarks yourself is easier than you think!

To manually set up a document to print on the print-you-own memorial products, simply follow the Prayer Card Print Instructions or Bookmark Print Instructions.

Alternatively, simply download the templates below by clicking on an image, open in Microsoft Word or compatible program, then insert text and/or import a picture to the first field.  Once it is to your liking, copy and paste it to the rest of the fields. You should always print a test page to insure that placement is correct.

Prayer Cards back - 1" Margin RIGHT

Prayer Cards back – 1″ Margin RIGHT

Prayer Cards front - 1" Margin LEFT

Prayer Cards front – 1″ Margin LEFT (use for 88999 – blank on both sides)








Bookmarks back - 1" Margin RIGHT

Bookmarks back – 1″ Margin RIGHT

Bookmarks front - 1" Margin LEFT

Bookmarks front – 1″ Margin LEFT (use for 94999 – blank on both sides)








2-Up Folders

2-Up Folders









These products are compatible with all laser- & inkjet-printers.  Please keep in mind that each printer is a little different, and may require small adjustments to accommodate factory set margins.  Adjustments can be made on each page/column as needed.



Print Designer GOLD 9

The easy to use peka Print software enables you to create your own personalized memorial cards, bookmarks and folders. Our library includes a variety of fonts, colors and styles to create that personal touch, making each creation unique.

  • Easy creation of memorial cards, bookmarks and folders
  • Create it once, and it will automatically be reproduced on each card/bookmark on the sheet – no more copy and paste
  • Save time by using the pre-loaded prayers or use your own text and save it for next time
  • Large range of fonts, colors, and word art styles to choose from
  • Large selection of clip art, graphics, borders, and backgrounds to choose from OR insert a digital image with ease
  • Margins are adjustable to allow for differences in printer alignment
  • Software program can be used with peka’s paper products as well as any comparable line
  • The cost to purchase it is substantially lower than other comparable programs
  • Compatible with Windows computers

Available for $99.95

Download the 15 day free trial(exe, 40.4 MB) compatible with Windows computers

Download the peka-print quick manual (pdf, 110 k)

If you decide to buy the software, please contact our office by telephone or email. You will receive your license by email. You will not have to re-install the software.