Printing Instructions

Printing your own prayer cards & bookmarks yourself is easier than you think!  To manually set up a document to print on the print-you-own memorial products, simply follow the Prayer Card Print Instructions or Bookmark Print Instructions.

Alternatively, simply download the Microsoft Word templates below, then insert text and/or import a picture to the first field. Once it is to your liking, copy and paste it to the rest of the fields. You should always print a test page to insure that placement is correct.

Prayer Cards back – 1″ Margin RIGHT

Prayer Cards front – 1″ Margin LEFT (use for 88999 – blank on both sides)

Bookmarks back – 1″ Margin RIGHT

Bookmarks front – 1″ Margin LEFT (use for 94999 – blank on both sides)

These products are compatible with all laser- & inkjet-printers.  Please keep in mind that each printer is a little different, and may require small adjustments to accommodate factory set margins.  Adjustments can be made on each page/column as needed.